Business Accounts

Checking Accounts

Business Checking Accounts

  1. Receive Business Check Images in Your Monthly Statement
  2. $100 Minimum to open any account

Small Business Checking
Our most popular business checking account product:

  1. Non-Interest Bearing.

Commercial Checking

  1. Receives Earnings Credit (The Difference Between Earnings Credit On the Average Daily Balance and Account Charges)
  2. Designed for all types of corporations

Non-Profit/Charitable Organizations Checking 

  1. Non-Interest Bearing/ No Service Charges
  2. Designed for Organizations that Operate Primarily for Religious, Philanthropic, Charitable, Educational or Similar purposes in Which all funds go to help others.

Savings Options

Savings Options

Savings Accounts

  1. Earn interest daily (posted to account quarterly)
  2. Limited to 6 transfers and/or withdrawals monthly (service charge after 6 transfers)
  3. Monthly/quarterly statements available

Certificates of Deposit

  1. 91 days to 6 year terms
  2. Our 1 year CD accepts deposits throughout the term ($25 minimum deposit)
  3. Minimum balances apply
  4. Early withdrawal penalties

Individual Retirement Accounts

  1. Saving for your retirement is a MUST! Choose from Traditional or Roth IRAs.
  2. 1 year to 6 year terms
  3. Minimum balances apply
  4. Early withdrawal penalties