Business Accounts

Checking Accounts

Business Checking Accounts

  1. Receive Business Check Images in Your Monthly Statement
  2. $100 Minimum to open any account

Small Business Checking
Our most popular business checking account product:

  1. Only $500 minimum balance to avoid a low monthly fee of $5.001
  2. 25 FREE monthly transactions*
  3. Only $100 to open

Commercial Checking

  1. Earnings credit allowance on deposit balances may offset activity fees
  2. Transactions charged on a per-item basis, pay only for
    services you use
  3. Only $100 to open

Non-Profit/Charitable Organizations Checking 

  1. No minimum balance requirements
  2. No monthly service charge1
  3. Only $50 to open
  4. Designed for Organizations that Operate Primarily for Religious, Philanthropic, Charitable, Educational or Similar purposes in Which all funds go to help others.

    *Transactions include items paid, items deposited, ACH debits and credits, to include 15¢ for each transaction over 25.   1Account is free with eStatements, $3.00/mo. fee per account if paper statement is requested. Customer purchases checks.

Savings Options

Savings Options

Savings Accounts

  1. Earn interest daily (posted to account quarterly)
  2. Limited to 6 transfers and/or withdrawals monthly (service charge after 6 transfers)
  3. Monthly/quarterly statements available

Health Savings Account-Available Soon!

  1. Retain employees, manage medical expenses
    and take advantage of tax benefits!
  2. Employer contributions receive a tax deduction
  3. Keeps monthly health insurance premiums lower
  4. Employees carry over balances each year; additional
    retirement income if not used
  5. Earns interest

Certificates of Deposit

  1. 91 days to 6 year terms
  2. Our 1 year CD accepts deposits throughout the term ($25 minimum deposit)
  3. Minimum balances apply
  4. Early withdrawal penalties

Individual Retirement Accounts

  1. Saving for your retirement is a MUST! Choose from Traditional or Roth IRAs.
  2. 1 year to 6 year terms
  3. Minimum balances apply
  4. Early withdrawal penalties